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Protection from Deception

In my last article titled “WHAT’S GOING ON” I wrote about the importance of having a Biblical understanding and purposely developing a Biblical World View as a protection from deception.  It is extremely important that we become purposeful in our quest for Biblical truth lest we drift along with the busy currents of life and find ourselves in a precarious place. Here are some things we must consider: 1. Deception is real. 2. Its author is satan, who first led a rebellion in Heaven. 3. It is constantly using mankind to deceive all of mankind. 4. Mass deception will increase in the last days. 5. There will be a great Apostasy in the Last Days. (Falling away from the Church by not attending and from sound theology) 6. There will be a personage known as the anti-Christ who will be the greatest of all deceivers. 7. Jesus warned us to not be deceived or mis-led! 8. No one is immune from its clutches.   The greatest tragedy with those deceived is they do not recog