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Have We Created A Culture of Death?

After another heinous act of murder committed against innocent children and even before the family, friends and a nation have time to grieve, some are quick to use this nightmare to promote their political agenda.   How so very tragic.   None of us can truly understand their feelings unless we have experienced something similar and I pray   we will never have to.   The cry of the media and many politicians is to ban guns, but banning the wrong things can have very dire consequences.   For example: • America has banned God from our schools • We have banned prayer to God in our schools • We have banned Him from   the public square  • We have banned The Ten Commandments which includes THOU SHALL NOT KILL  • We have banned anything to do with Judeo-Christianity erroneously siting the First Amendment.   For the first time in our nation, God is no longer welcome in our society!   Make no mistake there are no vacuums in nature or in the spiritual realm.