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Should We Hate Politicians?

There is hardly a time when scrolling through Facebook postings that I haven’t shuddered after reading some of the vicious, hateful posts against people, particularly American politicians.  There is no doubt that President Trump is the primary target.  Now, before anyone assumes this is political – it is not! It is about protecting the people who are doing the posting, because they may not be aware of what God thinks of their actions.     It’s understandable that we can become upset over the actions of some of our politicians because we care for the future of our nation, but there is a boundary line that we need to understand and abide by if we are at all concerned about God’s judgements towards ourselves. What is that boundary, you may ask?  We cross it when we become obsessed with attacking and condemning the person.   When we do this we set ourselves up for the same measure of condemnation and intolerance that we measure out to them. There is a spiritual law from the Bible t